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We are a farming enthusiast, Staffordshire Bull Terrier called (Staffie) and  American Bulldog. The project of this farm was realized after 10 years of reflection, participation in shows, research and study on the subject. We aim to make a birth year of each race, focusing only quality over quantity. Our breeding is not our livelihood, we do only by passion, which allows us to take our time to select our dogs and at the same time, our future clients as our puppies are placed only on trust .

We raise our dogs in a pack, which requires us to have special attention every minute of the day, as the two are Hounds races, and both have a character of their own. Our dogs do not live in pens or cages, they are released outside or inside depending on the weather, alone at night or during our absence, the dogs are in cages comfort. We regularly welcome trainees throughout the year helps us to supervise this dog home. We go out several times a day in our mountains, several times a week, our dogs franchisses passes between 1800 m and 2000 m, make Weigth Pulling, and visits to the medical center zootherapy sick people.

We welcome you every day by appointment and for those people away, we offer accommodations for two couples, with of course your dogs or cats. Given the high number of visit, contact us by email to schedule an appointment.

You can find us on facebook by clicking the link located below the niche, or on youtube via the link under the video host.

Hoping to meet you soon.

LE CORRE Antony & Magali.

vip croquettes, Hameau des Bulls official supplier

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